Estate Agents

Whether you’re buying or selling a house then chances are you’ll need to engage with an estate agent.

Historically people used to drive around the streets looking for ‘for sale’ boards or looking in local estate agents windows and local newspapers to find a property. Those days thankfully are gone…

Now most people tend to search for their new home online using property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla so you should make sure that the agent you choose is on these portals.

Local Branch vs Online Agents

This is a difficult question to answer and each side will give you their ‘opinion’ on which is best. Local agents can seem a bit more personal….online agents often have slick systems and 24 hour telephone lines.

We have had some very good experiences with some online agents and would say consider both. Price is probably more of a concern.

Don’t fall for the ‘we have a list of people that would buy this property’ that some local agents tend to give you!

Commission vs Fixed Fee

Once again, there’s no right or wrong but in our opinion although there’s a general feeling that fixed fee is the way things are going…

Go for the cheapest that offers you all the elements that you want (for sale board, brochures etc.)